This is the home page for HJÄLP, an Ikea assembly and delivery service.

This business is based in Concord, New Hampshire.

PRICING:  Labor rates are $35 per hour with a 3 hour/$105 minimum.  I NEVER charge by the piece.  My rate is always an hourly rate.  Payment is expected for all hours worked.

For an accurate estimate please send an email with what city you are in, the article numbers, and quantities of the pieces you want assembled. I never assume you will expect me to carry furniture upstairs or unload your car.  These activities can add to the estimate.  Estimates via email are free of charge. I’ll price the entire project and put it in writing.

SCHEDULING:  My track record of keeping appointment times is excellent.  I typically confirm the appointment time the day before.  My availability it usually limited to evenings and weekends.  Same day appointments are never available.

PROCESS:  I follow the steps in the assembly manual.  If you want your pieces handled in a different manner please let me know before we get started.  Custom builds are not always advisable.

Many Ikea assembly manuals depict attaching the item to the wall.  If you would like items attached to the wall I’m happy to do what I can, but it’s sensible to expect some contingency plans in the event the walls are made of a material that crumbles easily.

I arrive with my own tools, extra hardware, and a degree in scenic design and construction.

REASSEMBLY:  I do NOT reassemble used furniture.  No exceptions.  My practice is limited to new furniture only.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  24 hours notice is requested.   If you cancel with less notice the charge is $40.  Same day appointments require a $40 non-refundable deposit.  The $40 is applied to the balance of total charges.

PAYMENT: Payment is due at the time services are rendered. I accept cash, Paypal, and credit cards.  I currently process credit cards through Square.  If you would like to use your credit card to reimburse me for a purchase made on your behalf, there is 2.75% surcharge.  I do NOT accept checks. No exceptions.

SHOES:  Some people request that I remove my shoes at the door.  Normally I would be happy to comply, but I need to wear my shoes while building  for safety.  I’m trying to locate some of those paper over-shoe booties.  Until I find them, I’m happy to remove my shoes after building and clean the floor.


  1. I need enough space to work in.  Small spaces will increase the build time and the likelihood of scratches.  Building in one room and then moving completed furniture to another is usually a bad idea.
  2. If I arrive at your location and there is a change of plans, I may not agree to the changes.  If I do agree to the changes, I may need more time, more money, or both.
  3. You can expect me to respect your belongings.  I take care not to scratch floors and walls.
  4. I will take breaks during builds that last 4 hours or more.  You are not charged for this time.
  5. I don’t work before 10am or after 8pm.  This is not negotiable.  It’s better for both of us if I return to finish something rather than try to force it while my energy dwindles to a halt.  I know my limits and I do my best work for you when I respect my own limits.

Partial list of items I have assembled in the last year:

Kallax Bookcases
Kallax Insert with doors
Kallax Insert with drawers
Billy Bookcases
Galant Desks
Sundvik Crib
Birkeland Dresser
Malm Beds
Malm Dressers
Hemnes Dresser
Hemnes Bed Frame
Hemnes Day Bed
Mandal Bed Frame
Sultan Alsarp Bed with storage
Pax Wardrobes with hinged doors
Pax Wardrobes with sliding doors
Karlstad Loveseat
Solsta Sofa Bed
Ektorp Sofa
Hemnes TV Unit
Galant Desk
Galant Conference Table
Forhoja Kitchen Cart
Norbo desk
Bjursta Kitchen Table
Bjorkudden Kitchen Table
Ingo Dining Table
Melltorp Kitchen Table
Norden Dining Table
Norden Gateleg Table
Lack Side Table
Lack Coffee Table
Vilgot Desk Chair
Soderhamn Chaise
Koppang Dresser
Vittsjo Shelving Unit
Alex Drawers